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How to Choose the Right Dart For You?

August 13th, 2015 9:30 am

Do you like a heavy dart, or a lighter dart? You will find quite a few darts on the market in a range of weights that top out at Fifty grams and can be found as light as 12 grams. The most popular weights used by avid dart players is generally in the 16 gram to 26 gram range. The selection of your dart weight is one of the more significant choices you will need to make. The only decent method to figure out this, is to throw darts of various weights and observe what feels perfect to you. A great opportunity to achieve this would be through an associate or any kind of location that hosts up dart play, such as the nearby bar. I’ve had many occasions to throw other people’s darts. I’ve found other people to be very beneficial in giving their opinion regarding their darts, and more than pleased to allow me throw them an occasion or two to get a feel for them. Most passionate dart players are proud of their own darts, and take advantage of the chance to show them off. Many darts do support the adding of weight in two gram increments. A weightier dart will require a harder throwing style compared to a lighter dart.

The component which the darts are made from will play yet another important part in your dart selection process. Darts had traditionally been made of brass. Decades later, darts with barrels manufactured from tungsten along with other alloys came into the arena. These rapidly came into common use as a result of perceived added merits they provide. Tungsten darts have barrels which are slimmer in diameter compared to darts made with brass barrels. The advantages of using a thinner dart come from the fact that you can position additional, thinner darts inside a tinier spot than you can place greater diameter darts. For instance, there is only so much area within the bulls eye of a dart board. Just how much easier might it possibly be to put 3 slim darts, compared to 3 thick darts into that compact spot. Since they take up much less area on the dart board, they are usually less likely to result in deflections of your later tossed darts. The tungsten dart barrels tend to be more dense, and the tungsten matter is weightier. In order to maintain a confident weight, while still getting the smaller diameter. It has been several years since I have competed against any challenger, that was not throwing tungsten darts. The attractiveness of tungsten darts is derived by its advantages.

Ultimately, you must evaluate the feel of the grip that you prefer. There are various kinds of knurling that may be come with your barrels. You might often notice the standard smooth finish, with rings present on that barrel. Examples of these are a accepted design, but appear to be falling from acceptance with dart players favoring a harder or more coarse finish. The coarseness of the surface area will help offer an improved, more assured grip. It is likely that slippage are drastically decreased. Fine knurling and coarse knurling are both popular, with various levels of style and patterns.

Once you have a broad idea of exactly what style of dart you are searching for, you will be fortunate, because you will find lots of options. Whether you are interested in an inexpensive set of darts, or a high quality set, you might be shocked by the number of totally different models available to select from. There are various great producers placing high quality items of diverse prices in the marketplace like Accudart, Arachnid, Bottelsen, Dart World, DMI, Halex, Harrows, Nodor, Sportcraft, Target, and Viper.

Bangkok Dart Shop – where you can find and buy the right dart.

Bargaining And Shopping Tips

February 21st, 2013 4:42 am

Here are few shopping tips and advices for shoppers while travelling to Thailand.


Most department stores and large retail outlets have fixed prices, so bargaining is not applicable. At markets, small stalls, shops or street vendors, bargaining is the norm. Expect to pay from 10-40% less than the original asking price Рdepending on your bargaining skills and the will of the vendor.

Bargain with a smile and you will be rewarded. Many Thais work long hours, so they appreciate a smile and good humour – you’ll get better bargains.

VAT Refund

Visitors entering the Kingdom on tourist visas are entitled to refunds of the 7% value added tax (VAT) paid on goods purchased at shops, department stores and other retail outlets displaying “VAT Refund for Tourists” signs, where tax refund application forms are available. Before leaving the country, visitors must present a completed VAT refund form, plus passport information and receipts, to a customs officer. Certain luxury goods must be shown to an excise official. Refunds may be in bank draft form or credited to a credit card. Call the VAT Refunds for Tourists Office (02 272 9388) for more information.

Beware of Touts

The Tourism Authority of Thailand warns against touting taxi drivers and tour guides who offer to take you shopping and receive commissions for bringing tourists to various places to shop. Often the experience is a waste of your valuable shopping time.

Also, beware of people approaching or calling you with offers of free trips or other prizes — it’s usually a timeshare sales representative trying to book you into a sales presentation, which you’ll have to do if you agree to join its tour. Again, it could be a waste of your time.

Export Restrictions

Be aware that it is forbidden to take images of Buddha, deities, and some antique artifacts from the country without first obtaining approval from the Fine Arts Department in Bangkok.

Gems and Jewellery Advisory

There are occasional complaints from visitors about unethical jewellers who persuaded them to buy jewellery at an unreasonable price. There are also cases where gems purchased have turned out to be fakes. While such scams are largely carried out in Bangkok, there have been complaints about jewel purchases in Phuket.

To combat this problem, the Thai Gem and Jewellery Traders Association and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) have formed a “Jewel Fest Club”. The club aims to offer quality products at reasonable prices with a money-back guarantee if buyers are not completely satisfied. Some of the larger Phuket jewellers are in this program, so look for the Jewel Fest emblem while browsing the shop.

The TAT offers these tips for your protection:

  • Be wary of any encounter that ends up requiring your presence in a gem shop. Most probably it is a scam.
  • Buying gems or jewellery to resell at double or triple the purchase prices is an impossible proposition under any circumstances. Buy jewellery only for personal satisfaction for your own use or for loved ones.
  • Make price comparisons in various shops before deciding to buy. Never be in a hurry.
  • Never mail sapphires or other precious stones. Carry valuable items with you.
  • Do not believe special (jewellery) sales of any kind. Reputable dealers hardly ever offer sales and never send touts to lure tourists to their stores.
  • There are no promotions, shows or special sales on jewelry authorized by the government or any official agencies at any time of the year.
  • The government does not own, operate, subsidize, or authorize any jewellery stores.
  • As far as you can, take time to verify all claims. Words, promises, personal guarantees, unchecked documents, unauthorized verbal or written statements, casual references, encounters and the like do not constitute verification. Remember, you are your own best protection.
  • Thai embassies, consulates or any delegations abroad are neither bound nor responsible for refunding goods that are bought in Thailand.

Packing and Shipping Services

Many of the larger shops are experienced at shipping abroad and will attend to all the documents such as insurance, customs and necessary permits. Parcel-wrapping service is available at the main post office in Phuket City (Montri Rd) and at post service outlets such as PostNet in Tesco-Lotus. For larger items or bulk shipments, check with courier services such as DHL (076 258 500/2) or TNT Express (076 220 799 or 076 216 396).

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